Gay back whipping in prison Tolyan 22


Length: 14 minutes


Gay back whipping video welcome to watch in this clip with prisoner Tolyan 22. Young gay boy had a sentence to 5 months in jail for a drurgs crime. Jailer wants to give to young boy prisoner a hard corporal punishment – the back whipping. Firstly, he young convicted stand on his knees face to wall. Young gut is absolutely naked, his bare back now is open to get the hard flogging by the whip. After first hits guy begins to moan. As you understand, he have no way to escape and he must overcome this punishment by sadistic jailer. Surely, the young gay back whipping continues and on his back appears long red scars.

This gay back whippig video how to young lad is surring during. Sure the whip is hitting his back very cruel. Eech hit makes boy to cry and deliveres lot of pain. During this back corporal punishment sporty lad is thinking only how to stop this thrashing. But how you know, that’s only sadisctic jailer decides when to stop the punishment of his prsioner. Hits of the whip are falling on the helpless bare back of young boy. After first part of strokes young lad is already in the laying down position. Jailer is standing and he continues to punish the boy’s unhelpless body. Just when the back is covered by long red traces jailer stops the corporal punishent of young prisoner.

Gay back whipping video in prison

Jailer admires the results of the boy’s back whipping at the end of the corporal punishment procedure. The scars on the back of young lad will help to remember this hard lesson for a long time. Gay back whipping is one of the hardest punishment way for young gay boy in the prison. If you want to watch more videos with lads back whipping you are welcome to watch in the back whipping page of our website. If you are interested in some more punishments for young lads you can visit our partner’s website – Discipline and Punish.

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