Spanking Boys

On our website you can watch different spanking boys videos. Just find the boy that you like and open his page. On this page you will see all videos recorded with this guy. Sure on our website we offer different spanking boys methods. For example, you can watch some not hard hand spanking. Also you can find belt spanking and caning videos. We are providing back whipping, bastinado and torso whipping.

Spanking boys videos is a popular subject in Gay BDSM community. We can tell that it’s a classic direction of all BDSM. Spanking is using for corporal punishments and for sexual desires. Sure the spanking methods differs and depends on punishment history in country. For example, in USA was popular to punish boys by the paddle, hand and whip. The boys belt spanking is popular in post USSR countries. That was a tradition discipline method there. If we’ll take a look for a male corporal punisment history in Russia in 19th century we’ll find there lot of biching. Finally the birching was very popular for punishment for peasants in Russian villages.

Most often peasants was punished in the stable. They had to lay down on the bench for the punishment on bare ass. Also some sirs used the whip for the punishment. They whipped guys on the back. It was cruel and sadistic punishment way. Sure corporal punishments for boys was very popular also in the families and schools. In schools teachers uses the bicrhing on bare ass of bad students to discipline them. Also the kneeling on the rice or peas was very popular. Boy had to stand on the knees on different groats for 20-3o minutes or more.