Barn boy spanking – Valentin 20

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Length: 40 minutes


Barn boy spanking video compiliation with Valenting 20 special offer. This big video includes 3 videos with Valentin:

Includes first-person camera-view that make you feel on the Master’s place!

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Barn boy spanking by the hand

Valentin 20 y.o. is our village woker , who will confront now to all the hardships of worker life. He’s in the barn (horse shelter), with Master, and he’s hanging tight for his first corporal punishment. He was hit exactly when he was a young man, however last hitting was at 11 y.o., so it will be his first discipline in adulthood. He’s stripping, somewhat bashful, and gives his butt in the control of our really sadistic Master. Punishing is beginning and Valentin is feeling all the intensity of Master’s hand. Hedid not anticipate that, even hand punishing will be so difficult, yet it’s simply the start and Master is changing positions to make him more agony. After the discipline he’s remaining on his knees in the animal dwellingplace with a completely red ass, which he needs to rub, yet Maste requested him to keep hands behind his head. Barn boy spanking was a good discipline procedure for him.

Barn boy punishment with a belt

Presently he’s in the animal dwellingplace, with Master, and he’s hanging tight for his first pitiless belt hitting. He’s tad modest giving his can in the control of Master, who has picked the substantial and enormous Russian Army belt for the beating. That is a hard instrument for a barn boy spanking, however Master needs to make him not shout, yet to screech of torment. Furthermore, he succeeds. Hitting is so coldblooded , that the youthful requesting to quit, requesting a kindness, yet there is no chance to get out of unfeeling discipline – he should endure everything. His rump are totally torn and wounded after the punishing.

Back whipping in the barn

So, we are again in the village barn to give Valentin his initially back whipping. Young boy is bare, Master is chosing positions – first setting down on the silos, second holding up. Youthful town laborers isn’t shouting, however he’s screeching of agony. Back whipping is a brutal discipline way. The scars on the back mend at any rate two weeks and Master like it. He needs to make increasingly more torment for youthful worker, regardless of that is his initially back whipping.

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