Male to Male Spanking Methods

Male to male spanking is one of the hardest Gay BDSM trends. First of all let’s see what does it means “spanking” ? As it’s written on Wiki The Spanking is a popular in all the world method of male corporal punihsment.  As known the straight men spanking and gay spanking is an a process of striking the buttocks of another boy or man to cause him physical pain. If you want to join the Gay BDSM spanking community read this short article about main trands of gay spanking.

Gay spanking by the hand

Hand spanking boys is a very classic way of corporal punishments. It’s using everywhere – in all countries of a world. Natch the spanking buttocks by the hand is a sexual process. That because the contact between partner’s hand and buttocks by itself is exciting for both partners. Hand spanking is one on the most erotic ways of male to male spanking.

Male to male belt spanking

Belt spanking boys is a brutal way of corporal punishment. Not too hard as a back whipping for example, but this is a thing that bottom must suffer. Of course you can use different kinds of belts for the spanking. In our studio we prefer to use the Russian uniform Army belt. That’s the real beal using by soldier of a national military forces. This is large leather heavy belt. Surely this belt makes lot of scars on the boy’s asses. We like to spank boys by the belt – it makes them cry and shout during the punishment.

Male back whipping

Sure the male back whipping punishment is one of the hardest corporal punishment methods. That’s really hard way of male to male spanking. It’s also used in the Gay BDSM practice. But it’s not so easy to do as a belt spanking or hand spanking. You should have an experience in corporal punishments before you will take the whip of flogger in your hands. Don’t forget that the back whipping might become dangerous for the health of a bottom guy. Never whip on the loins area of a bottom. Try to flog the upper area of his back and begin the punishment by the not strong hits.