Terms and conditions

Purpose of the website and content description

  1. This site does not contain pornography.
  2. The purpose of the site is to demonstrate the practice of applying corporal punishment, taking into account different traditions in different countries, solely for the purpose of acquaintance of the user with historical traditions and for purposes of purposes.
  3. All persons participating in the shootings act exclusively voluntarily.
  4. All persons over 18 years of age.
  5. It is not recommended for viewing by persons under 18 years, as some scenes can be cruel

Basic rules and terms

  1. This site contains brutal video material for adults, which may be abusive, cause moral and/or ethic harm. If You are insulted with that type of material, please LEAVE THE SITE IMMEDIATELY.
  2. Please pay attention that this site contains brutal material for adults, designated for users older than 18. If you are younger than 18, this material insults you or if you have received access to the site in a country, in which the materials uploaded on our Site are forbidden by law, then please LEAVE THE SITE IMMEDIATELY.
  3. This site will provide you a downloadable link for the video after the payment. This link is available for download for a period 5 days after payment. The site administration will guarantee you that on this link you will get the selected video and it will be available for download using default web-browser functional.
  4. The site administration is not responsible for any particular qualities of your software, that you will use for download video not in the standart dekstop web-browser (mobile or tablet).

By accepting this agreement, I shall confirm the following:

  1. I am 18 or older.
  2. Cruel and violence materials, which I purchase and/or watch, are designated only for my personal use and I will never provide these materials to young persons.
  3. I confirm that as an adult I bear absolute legal responsibility, arising from reading or review of any material chosen by me and that material and images contained on the site are not indecent or abusive for me.
  4. Review, reading and uploading of materials and images on the site do not violate any legal and civil standards of my country.
  5. I confirm bearing full responsibility for any faulty data provided by me as well as full responsibility for any legal consequences, which may arise in terms of watching, reading or uploading materials and images, contained on this site. My affiliated entities cannot bear responsibility for any legal consequences, which may arise as a result of illegal access or use of the web-site and/or materials.
  6. Herewith I perceive and confirm that any advertising uploaded on the site or references to this site or any page of the site without prior written consent of the site administration are forbidden and may cause removal of my account without refund of money left on my account.
  7. I confirm and agree that the Site forbids use of obscene words, rudeness, excite hostility on the basis of gender, national, racial etc. traits.
  8. I confirm and agree that in case of any violation of this Agreement my account will be deleted without refund of money to my account.
  9. I agree with rebilling (recurring) payments in Members area and I know that I can cancel my subscription anytime using this link.

The Site Administration is liable:

  1. To change conditions and provisions of the Agreement.
  2. To introduce amendments to this Agreement unilaterally. After introducing amendments into conditions and provisions of the Agreement, this will automatically state that You have accepted the changes.
  3. To change cost and types of Services, their validity period.
  4. You agree to review from time to time the conditions and provisions of the Agreement in terms of updates and amendments.