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Showing 1–12 of 325 results

Spanking boys ass

Spanking boys videos you can watch free or purchase it on our website. Here you will find the best selection male coporal punishments in all web. Gay Spanking is a general form of boys corporal punishment, involving the striking the ass, back, feets or torso of boy to make physical pain. There are many forms of corporal punishments depending on the severity of punishment and spanking traditions of the country or family. One on the most popular spanking ways is a ass spanking.

You can spank gay ass by many ways. For example, there is a common form popular in all the world –  boys hand spanking . Hand is not very hard corporal punishment way. But the hand spanking is humiliating. Being naked laying down on the knees (OTK Spanking) is ashamed for and adult male. Also it might be used some devices for spanking boys ass. If you like really like hard corporal punishments for boys you can watch the gay boys belt spanking or boys caning videos. That’s also very interesting to watch a boy getting the hard spanking on his unhelpless bare ass by any device. As a devices for the spanking it’s using belts, canes, whips, paddles and other things.

Special boys spanking ways

There is another a special, absolutely brutal male corporal punishment way – the male back whipping. On our website you can find lot of videos on the male back whipping category. In all this videos you can also admire a really brutal corporal punishments. Sometimes boys are crying and moaning, sometimes staying calm.

We have a special things also. If you are tired of ordinary gay spanking videos, don’t hesitate to try someting special. For example – watch boy bastinado videos. It’s similiarly hard punishment way, but it’s punishment just on bare feets. Usually the best device for male bastinado is a cane. And sure he have some special – male torso whipping ,where you can watch brutal guys getting whipping on his chest and ABS too.