Gay whipping. Prisoner Mark 19


Length: 17,5 minutes


Gay whipping by the whip for Russian boy’s back you can watch in this video. The main hero of this corporal punishment is Russian lad Mark 19 who is in the prison cell now. Jailers are using different kinds of punishments for prisoners, including also the corporal punishments. It’s time now for Mark to get the back whipping. Young boy Mark is in the prison cell, his body is naked and he’s ready now to get the whipping. The punishment begins in the laying down position. Mark is laying on the prison bed. How you can see, our lad now is ready the get the back whipping punishment. At first, Master enters the prison cell and admires the boy’s naked body. Finally, the punishment by the back whipping for young gay boy begins. the boy’s torture.

How you know, the gay whipping on the back is a really hard corporal punishment method for lads. During the punishment, the long jailer’s whip stings the defenceless back of young Mark. At the start of the whipping, our young criminal boy is trying no to moan and not cry, but it’s not easy to be calm when you are getting the real back whipping. Mark is trying to be calm during the punishment, but it’s so difficult. The second part of the whipping Mark is suffering in the standing position, holding his hand on metal cells. Surely, on final the Master’s whip makes young lad to moan during the stroking.

Gay whipping video

This gay whipping video shows you the punishment traditions of the Russian prisons at the beginning of 20th century. At this time the corporal punishments was already popular in some governement institutes such as army or prison. Finally, if you’d like to watch more videos with hard back whipping for guys you can visit the Boys back whipping caterogy of our video store. In conclusion, if you want you can read on Wikipedia more info about different corporal punishment methods for lads.