Hand spanking boy in the prison Tolyan 22


Length: 13 minutes


Hand spanking is getting our new boy Tolyan 22 y.o. He was setenced to 5 months in prison for a drurgs spreading. In the prison cell he’s living with another young crime. In first week in jail the jailer decided to mock new prisoner. Before entering in the cell he ordered prisoners to strip and to stand on the knees face to wall. He admired sexy Tolyan’s ass and decided to spank this young sporty guy. First he ordered him to lay down over his knees. He spanked young boy in full force, but first part of slaps he suffered calm. Second part of corporal punishment young boy wasn’t calm. Prisoner moaned and asked jailer for a mercy. At the end of punishment cruel jailer ordered him to stand face to wall on his knees. He’s slapping his youg ass harder and harder. That was just a hand spanking for boy, but it wasn’t easy corporal punishment.

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