Male Back whipping

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Showing 1–12 of 79 results

Male back whipping is a very popular historical corporal punishment.  For many centuries it’s using for the punishment everywhere. Everybody knows naval whipping and whipping slaves. Be sure, that in our studio you will find best male back whipping videos in all the web.

Remember that in videos of our studio you will see only real suffers of a victim. All our male back whipping videos filled with suffering, moans and crying of boys. For our models this punishment is one of the most hardest. You that the back skin is not so fleshy as a ass skin. That is why each hit of a whip makes them to cry. After the punishment the back of our boys are covered by long and deep red scars.

If you want to try this punishment you should start with an easy and light wipping. Sure it’s good when you are trying to overome yourself, but you will need time that you back skin at least a little used to whip blows.  Don’t forget about safety during this procedure and never hit on the loin area. We recommend you to use the upper back zone for the whip’s hits. That’s also painful, but it’s more safety. How you know the safety is one the most important things in gay bdsm practice.

Male back whipping is officially abolished in most Western countries. But the male flogging  is still a popular male corporal punishment method in some parts of the world, particularly in countries using Islamic law and in some territories formerly under British rule.