Boy feet spanking in prison Tolyan 22


Length: 12,5 minutes

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Boy feet spanking video you can watch right now with our prisoner Tolyan 22. This sporty and slim lad had a sentece for 5 months in prison by the judge decitsion. He’s a young drug dealer criminal lad. In the prison it’s allowed to use the corporal punishments for the prisoners. Sure the boy falaka on the bare feets is the one the most popular punihsmnet methods. And now the sadisctic jailer decided to punish his victim by the spanking of boy feets. It will be a really hard male feet whipping procedure because jailer wants to use first of all the belt and after the cane. Both young criminal lads are sitting in the cell only in underwear. How you can see their feets are barefoot everytime and ready to get the real falaka punishment.

First of all jailer enter in the pricon cell and ordered the other convicted to hold the Tolyan’s bare feets. The feet spanking for boy begins with the belt. First hits begins to fall on the bare feets of young lad. He’s beginning to moan but he’s trying to be a real men. During the punishment on the bare feets that’s not so easy to stay calm. Sure the guy falaka spanking will not leave any scars on the body, but it will make young prisoner to suffer after each hit. After the first part of hits jailer decided to fix his victim’s feets to the prison cell. Now the other prisoner is just holding the boy’s hands during the boy falaka on bare feets punishment. After this punishment it will be not easy to stand on the feets for about 30 minutes.

Boy feet spanking (falaka or whipping feets)

We think that many visitors of our website knows the history of this corporal punishment method. The boy feet spanking was a very popular punishment method in many muslim countries. How you know, it is still the official punishment method in some arabic countries. Sure the boy falaka on the bare feets is a very interesting torture method in some gay BDSM activities. If you’d like to see more videos about the feets whipping in prison, please welcome to watch this video with boy bastinado by the cane or this videos with bastinado lad guy Denya.  If you prefer something harder, please don’t hesitate to watch the harderst spanking video Boy spanking strap and cane . And sure you can go to our main page to get more videos with Boys spanking, Bastinado, Flogging. If you wanna see the boy bastinado video of the other prisoner who is the cellmate of Tolyan – go to this Boy bastinado video. If you are interested in some more punishments for young lads you can visit our partner’s website – Discipline and Punish.

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