Our fan is getting thrashing – 15 minutes of sadism


Length: 16 minutes


My name is Paul (name changed), I’m from France, I’m watching clips of Rus Straight Guys Spanking for last 6 months. I was very excited by so cruel spanking of this studio and decided to visit Moscow to become one of the victim of Rus Straight Guys Spanking. I’ve never experienced anything like this…. Master fixed me on the wall, I was naked and feeled scared before the start. For the spanking Master decided to use different devices, including also the whip. When you watch videos of Rus Straight Guys Spanking you never can imagine HOW IT’S REALLY PAINFUL! Master’s hand is heavy and he’s not stopping when you asking for a break. Master had a 15 minutes session with me, session absolutely cruel and sadistics. I will never forget this 15 minutes…