Boy back whipping Dimych 21


Length: 13,5 minutes



Boy back whipping corporal punishment you can watch in this clip. The star of this video is a slim but sporty serf Dimych 21. This young lad is in the Russian sauna, escrorting his boss. They has a deal – he rents the serfs body for all. It means that Dimych now is a slave for his boss. Surely he’s doing everything the he will order. And now our serf will get another the punishmet. Boy will get the spanking on the back. How you know, the boy back whipping is a really hard corporal punishment way. It’s also called the back whipping or flogging. How you can see, the young slave is serving being dressed just in one shirt. All his bottom parf of a body is naked. Serf is laying down on the bench. Master ordered him to hold his shirt by the hands, opening the bare back to the whip.

First hits are falling on the helpless back of poor lad. That’s very cruel strokes. First scars appears on the body of young serf. That’s painful, but it just the beginning. After the first part of punishment Master ordered young lad to be in the standing up position. That’s more difficult for boy to suffer the back whipping punishment in this position. But the boy spanking on the back continues. Our poor boy begins to cry, but it’s not the reason for mercy during the flogging of the back. Finally the boy back whipping is done and his back is covered by the sadisctic scars.

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