Boy spanking strap and cane Dimych 21


Length: 23 minutes


Boy spanking by the strap and cane you can watch in this videos with our new Belarusian serf Dimych 21. Young guy is from Minsk and now he’s in the sauna with his boss, one rich man who likes to spank young lads. During all the time in the sauna boy worked like a slave or serf and doing all that wants his boss and our Master. During all the time with them, boy wears only the embroidered shirt on his body and his bottom was naked, making young boy to feel the same. Boss decided to give a good lesson for Dimych and asked Master to punish him very cruel. Surely Master agreed. Firstly boy had to stand on knees face to wall, showing his bare ass to his patron. How you understand, that’s just the start of a punishment. Boy is especting the real thrashing – boss decided to make for boy a spanking by strap and cane on his bare ass.

Description of boy spanking by the strap and cane

First, Master holding his ear ordered boy to lay down on the long wood bench. This bench is using especially to punish bad serfs, bas slaves. Now boy is laying on the bench and his sexy bare ass is open to get the hard corporal punishment. At last the spanking begins and the first device that boy will meet is the strap. Strap is made by the leather and it’s wide and heavy punishment instrument.

After some seconds of waiting the punishment begins and the first hit is falling on the helpless boy’s bare ass. How you see, boy begins to feel a real pain just after few hits of the strap. That’s a really hard pain. That’s a pain that makes boy’s body to twist on the bench. But he must be calm and show to his boss that he’s a good and serf, who can suffer any punishment that boss wants to give him.

Second part – Boy caning

Secondly Master is finishing the strapping of boy. His ass is fully red and it’s flaming of pain. But the show must go on and Master is taking another device – the cane. The long wood cane is a very dangerous device in Master’s hand. Cane begins to stroke the ass a knife. Each hit boy is feeling such as a crazy wave of hard pain. After first part of strokes by the dangerous stick, Master is changing the position of his poor victim.

Now boy is not just laying down on the bench. His body is placed on the other part of bench and sometimes his feets are on the floot. In this pose the ass muscles are more tense because legs are not laying on the bench. Just imagine what kind of pain is suffering now our slave boy during the final part of a caning. Finally, when on the boy’s ass there is no any healthy and untouched part, Master is continuig to haunch. Take a look on his cruely punished ass – all ass is not just red color. In some parts it’s blue colored and you can see the clear-cut cane traces on the hips of our poor boy. And the ass is totally damaged and bleeding in some parts because the cane hits tored the then thin skin of boy’s ass.

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History of boys spanking in Russia

Russia is a country where the male whippings, caning, spanking and also the bastinado was a real mainstream punishment way. Surely other corporal punishment methods was also popular in this country. But now let’s talk a little bit just about the boys spanking. Chaps got beating all over the place. They are getting it in families, in school, colleges, armed force. Notwithstanding when just worked inadequately on homestead of their laird. On our gay spanking website you can discover parcel of hitting recordings demonstrating the historical backdrop of floggings in Russia. You will discover local control strategies: hand spanking, belt spanking, hardst caning and also bowing on rice in the corner.

Additionally you will see part of extremely pitiless recordings with nineteenth century discipline ways such as back whipping or middle whipping. Most likely we have not disregarded the mercilessness of oriental piece of Russian disciplines. That is the reason you can watch parcel of brilliant young men bastinado recordings. Finally, without a doubt we couldn’t overlook the serfs hitting in towns, when brutal laird rebuffed their laborers. If we gonna talk about the present situation in Russia about the corporal punishment, surely it’s used just in some families. Surely lot of Russian boys today also gets the hard belting on their ass by their cruel fathers.