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Length: 58,5 minutes


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Hand spanking boy

Ildar 24 y.o. was born in Siberia and when he was a he was spanked many times by his dad till 14 y.o. Dad told him to go with him to the stable barn – traditional place for spanking in Russian farmers families. In the stable dad ordered him to take off his pants first and then his underpants. Little Ildar bent over father’s knees and suffered, suffered 5 or 10 or 15 minutes of spanking – how his dad will decide. Ildar doesn’t knowed before the spanking how long it will be – it was only his father’s decision, who was sometimes in a bad mood or Tipsy. When the father was in the bad mood at the end of the spanking he ordered his son to kneel on peas and stand for at least 20 minutes. 

Hardest boy belt spanking

How you already know, Ildar’s father spanked him in the stable and he also used the heavy leather belt. In this part of video you will see how Ildar got his hardest corporal punishments. As you know in our Master’s hands the belt become a dangerous device, delivering pain and suffers for young lad. Poor boy screams and yells during the hardest belt spanking. His ass is flaming of pain after each hit. You will also hear how he breaths in the pauses between hits of the belt. Finally, after this hardest spanking boy’s ass is bruised and covered by scars. The steady, sharp strokes of the belt have him breathing hard and trembling involuntarily. Next week it will be difficult to sit down.

Back whipping boy

When our poor boy about 14 years old, dad also used the whip to punish his boy more harder. That was a real back whipping. The steady, sharp strokes of the whip have him breathing hard and trembling involuntarily. His srceams, and fiery red back underline his raw torment. That was a really hard whipping, making a guy to scream.

Bastinado boy

His dad also like to punish his son’s feets by the cane. As you already know it’s called the bastinado. Sure it’s a so interesting corporal punishment method without scars, but it makes young Russian lad to suffer. Ildar told us that the bare feets caning was a frequent punishment when he coming home with a delay – dad used the cane for his feets that the boy will remember that he must be at time. His father forced him raise his legs with his hands and to suffer about 30-40 strokes. In our video Ildar will get about 150 strokes. Sure it’s not so hard as the traditonal hardest boy spanking by the belt, but let us ensure you that it’s also not easy to suffer.