Spanking straight men by belt and martinet


Length: 24 minutes


Spanking straight men by martinet and cane you’re welcome to watch in the video. You will see how our Russian soldier Sergey, 29 years old, will get the spanking on his bare ass in this video. First of all he undress. He takes off his camouflage uniform pants and lay down on the sofa to get the punishment. Before the start of the men spanking by martinet and belt you can see the feeling of fear in the soldier’s eyes. But he has no way out punishment and he must overcome it.

Spanking starts with belting on the men’s bare ass. Soldier is getting the hits by the large leather belt on his bare ass. First he’s trying to be calm and to show that he’s feeling the real pain. But the punishment continues and Master is spanking men’s ass harder and harder. After the belt spanking, Master decided to get another corporal punishment device. Now our men will get the spanking by the martinet. Before starting the spanking straight men by the martinet Master ordered him to change the position. In the new position his bare is 100% open for the hits of the martinet. During this part of punishment our poor Russian soldier begins to moan and a little bit cry. Finally his ass became a very beautiful red-blue color with the deep bruises.

Stpanking straight men by martinet and belt video

How you the corporal punishment in Russian Army are still using sometimes. Sure, it’s not legal, but it’s a something like a tradtion. If you are interested in more spanking videos, you are welcome to get more corporal punishment videos. For example you can watch a good video with boy spanking by strap and cane . Also you can go to page Boys spanking, bastinado, flogging , caning to browse all our spanking categories and to find something that you like. Finally sure you can go to wiki to get more information about different corporal punishment. Wanna get more videos with soldiers? Please get it! For your pleasure – No way out punishment spanking video for soldier. We are sure that you will  also like it.

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