Boy spanked by razor strap and cane


Length: 16,5 minutes


Boy spanked by razor strap and cane welcome to watch with our new sexy boy Gera 22. Before, we’d like to tell you some more information about our new poor victim. This young lad was born in the East part of Russia. At 21 years old he decided to move to Moscow. That wasn’t easy for him to find a job in the Russian capital. He accepted our offer to take part in the shooting of spanking video by razor strap and cane. That wasn’t easy for him to accept our offer. He was scared about the pain, but no way out – he needs money. Finally, he accepted our offer and now poor boy is ready to get the spanking by razor strap and cane. How you understand it will be also a humiliating procedure for him because he’s a straight lad. And now this straight lad will get the spanking by razor strap and cane.

First, Master ordered to undress and to get on the special spanking bench. On this bench the boy’s ass in the open position to get the hard spanking. Sure this ass position allows our sadistic Master to punish our poor lad as he wants. The punishment begins. The first part of thrashing our boy is getting by the razor strap spanking. Strap is a hard leather device. Each hit of the razor strap is heavy falling on the helpless butt of young boy during the spanking. Just  aftew few first hits the lad’s ass is fully red color after the strap. But it’s just the beginning of the corporal punishment for our poor boy. Secondly Master is getting the wood bamboo cane. Trust, it was a real challenge for our straight boy to get the caning. Master decided to continue the punishment in the other position. But the changed position will not help our lad ti reduce the pain. Finally, whe the boy spanking by razor strap and cane is finished you can watch the deep scars on his flaming bare ass.

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