Boxer Ivan 24 y.o. – FULL punishment


Length: 29 minutes


Young and sexy russian boxer Ivan 24 y.o. is getting hand spankig, belting, bastinado and hand palms spanking by belt. Ivan is a young sporty boxer from little russian village. Everybody knows, that in Russia to became famous boxer you should not just have a good boxing experience, but also have money for preparation. Our guy is trying to take part un russian boxing championship and now he needs money to prepare for the championship. The punishment is really hard and it’s not easy to suffer it without crying.

This is the FULL version for 37.99 USD and not for 46.97 USD (You save 20%) includes:

  • Boxer Ivan 24 y.o. Hand spanking (11.99 USD)
  • Boxer Ivan 24 y.o. Spanking by heavy army belt (19.99 USD)
  • Boxer Ivan 24 y.o. Bastinado and hand palms spanling (14.99 USD)