Soldier Maxim 24 y.o. Hand Spanking


Length: 10 minutes


Muscle and sexy soldier of Russian Navy forces Maxim 24 y.o. is the new guest of our studio, who is getting the brutal hand spanking in different positions. Our special communications with one of the General Officer of Russian Army permit us to find best russian soldiers, who needs money and ready to suffer pain and humiliations. This boy is needed money to repay a bank loan for his new Iphone. Soldier Maxim miscalculated payments on the loan and no longer wants to pay the bank a penalty for the delay and have a bad credit history, as this is reflected in its reputation. In this case we are happy to help him with money, but he had to suffer a spanking by the other men. For the Russian soldier is humiliating to endure spanking by by hand by other guy in different uncomfortable positions, but there is no choice and he must overcome this ordeal. He’s getting spanking bending down to touch the toes by hand – this is a very humiliating position for the straight boy, while the skin is stretched and it gives more pain and also classic OTK positions if different ways.