Lazy worker spanking by hand Vasiliy 25 y.o.


Length: 12 minutes


In Russia it is normal to spank a hunky worker if it is a freebie on the job. Our worker Vasiliy 25 y.o. from East Siberia repaire the furniture and he’s a lazy worker. Slim but sporty guy, in the worker uniform spent all the day repairing a mechanism of the sofa, but there is no result. We offered him some additional money for suffering a good hard spanking by the hand of our Master. The spanking for this boy was not first. He was spanked by his dad till 14 y.o. , but it is first punishment for him, when he’s an adult guy. Our Master likes the boys like Vasiliy – slim, a little bit sporty, with good ass. His ass had a very thin and delicate skin and the hand strokes leaves a big traces on the ass. We spank him in different kind of positions, and sure leaning over the sofa – the most painful spanking position. The pain threshold of boy is very low, so it is painful for him to suffer the hand spanking and he’s shouting when the heavy hand of our Master is touching his little delicate ass.