Soldier Lesha 25 y.o. Punishment


Length: 19 minutes


Soldier or Russian Army Lesha 25 y.o. is getting the brutal hand and belt spanking in different positions. Our special communications with one of the General Officer of Russian Army permit us to find best Russian soldiers, who needs money and ready to suffer pain and humiliations. The soldier needs money to pay a big fine of the Traffic Police, that he must pay because of over speed driving the car. Now will learn the boy how to respect the speed limits. We knot that for straight soldier it is humiliating to endure spanking by by hand and belt by other guy in different uncomfortable positions, but there is no choice and he must overcome this ordeal. He’s getting spanking by the heavy and large army belt (like razor strap) until his ass became fully bruised. He can’t suffer the spanking calm and he yell and cry all the spanking.