Football player 18 y.o. Hand spanking


Length: 12 minutes


Vladimir 18 y.o. is a young and brutal football player from Ural’s village. First spanking in his life was not by his dad, but was by our Master. He’s studying in Moscow physical culture university and the football is his main direction. Young guy is needed money to pay for his student accommodation and asked for our help. Our cruel sadistic Master was happy to meet with the boy, who will endure the pain just for money and for not self-pleasure, but for pleasure of other persons. Master knows that the guy must endure all the spanking and he can’t tell him to stop, because he needs money to pay for his accommodation. The understanding of the hopeless situation is the additional stimulus for Master to spank the boy in different humiliating positions. The boy had to suffer the punishment like a man and this is the first spanking for him. He’s not crying and just a little bit shouts, but his body is shaking after each slap.