Failed Exam – Student Gosha 18 y.o. Hand spanking


Length: 8 minutes


Gosha is a student of one of big Moscow universities , he’s on 1st year of studying. Young student is getting scholarship from the University, but the amount is very little for living in Moscow. He looked for a job and we offered him to take part in our videos and receive a spanking on his ass. He has told us, that he was spanked many times by his father until 16 years old. We decided to repeat him the impressions about spanking and to spank the boy for the last failed exam. The spanking for the real fault of course will make the punishment much real and much racy. We also hope that the punishment will help to Gosha to spend much time for studying before the exam. Our master spanked the young boy by his hand. The boy was stoic and he suffered spanking smiling sometimes, but we made all to change his face from smile to suffer.