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Length: 36 minutes


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Spanking Russian male by hand

In Russia it’s traditional to spank a hunky employee if he’s lazy on the work. Our employee Vasiliy twenty five y.o. from East geographical area of Russia repaire the piece of furniture and we had to tell that he’s a lazy employee. Slim however colorful guy, within the employee uniform spent all the day repairing a mechanism of the lounge, however there’s no result. We have a tendency to offered him some extra cash for suffering an honest exhausting spanking by the hand of our Master. The spanking for this boy wasn’t 1st. He was spanked by his papa until fourteen y.o. , however it’s 1st penalization for him, once he’s Associate in Nursing adult guy. So now this Russian male will get a spanking by hand. Our Master likes the boys like Vasiliy – slim, a touch bit colorful, with smart ass.

His ass had a really skinny and delicate skin and therefore the hand strokes leaves a giant traces on the ass. we have a tendency to spank him in numerous reasonably positions, and positive leaning over the lounge – the foremost painful spanking position. The absolute threshold of boy is incredibly low, thus it’s painful for him to suffer the hand spanking and he’s shouting once the significant hand of our Master is touching his very little delicate ass. Finally, we got a spanking a as bad Russian gay boy.

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