Straight lad hand spanking soldier


Length: 18,5 minutes


Straight lad hand spanking  will get now this adult Russian soldier Serge 29. This poor soldier needed money and we decided to invite him in our studio to give a good punishment on his ass. It will be the first time for him to get spanking from the other man. But he need money and he must overcome this spanking. Firstly , Master stack the soldier’s body on his knees and first slaps young lad is getting through his uniform pants. Secondly, our Spanker take off lad’s pants opening his muscular bubble butt for ouc cameras. This straight lad is already 29, but he have a so good sexy to give it a good hand spanking.

Further the straight lad hans spanking continues on the bare ass. Tha slaps are falling on this sexy and muscular bottom. Our soldier is brutal and he’s trying to cry during this corporal punishment. But sometimes he’s moaning because Master is spanking hiss in full force. How you understand, that’s a special pleasure for us to punish an adult brutal soldier. That’s not just a pain for him, that’s also a goog humiliating procedure for young straight lad to get the hand spanking from the other guy. Everytime Master is changing positions opening us soldier’s bottom. The ass now is red. Finally, when the spanking is finished, our cruel Master ordered Serge to stand in the corner on the knees, absolutely bare sure.

Straight lad hand spanking video

As you know, in some military units of Russian army the corporal punishments are still the popular discipline method. Sure that’s not official, but it exists on practicee. The most popular punishment way in army the spanking. Officers are using the Russian uniform army belt to give a good discipine to the common soldiers. If you are interested in more spanking videos and especially wants to take a look the straight boys belt spanking videos you can watch our Boys Belt Spanking page. And alsoyou can get some videos on our partners website Discipline&Punish – that’s for bondage lovers.

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