Gay chest whipping Gera 22


Length: 13,5 minutes


Gay chest whipping video punishment you will see with our sexy Russian lad Gera 22. Previously, we’d like to reveal to you some more data about our new poor injured boy. This youthful lad was is from the East part of Russia. At 21 years of age he chose to move to Moscow. That wasn’t simple for him to get a new line of work in the Russian capital. He acknowledged our idea to participate in the shooting. How you see, now  he accepted our offer. Now it’s time for him to meet the whip. And the whip will stings now his torso. It will be no the classis gay torso flogging, because our victim is straight. But it will a little bit homosexual style of this corporal punishment. That is why we call it the gay chest whipping video. Lad will get the punishment in the crucified position. Also at this position his his helpless chest is open for the hard whipping.

First of all, our poor victim stripped and Master bounded his hand in the crucified position. In this position there is no way to hide the body from the cruel hits of the whip. Sure our sadistic Master admires the helpless boy with arms outstretched. Master starts the corporal punishment and the gay chest whipping begins. Young Russian lad begins to a little bit moan during the first part of hits. You can see how the whip is falling on the opened chest, ABS and all torso of boy. It sting him like a hornet. He’s suffering more and more. Finally he begins to a little bit cry when the peak of the whipp stings him escpecially cruel. Sure the gay chest whipping punishment is not the light corporal punishment how you understand. Don’t forget to admire the eyes of our victim at the end of the torso flogging – eyes are full of suffers.

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