No way out punishment spanking for soldier


Length: 10 minutes


Now there is no way out punishment for getting spanking for brutal Russian soldier Volodya who is 21 years old. In this video you can admire the hardest belt spanking on the bare ass for this Russian poor boy. Firstly, we’d like to tell you about our victim. Volodya is a sporty Russian lad, he’s a soldier of military forces. He was born in small village of Russia. He got spanking by his father 15 years old. Now he had a problem with money because he took out a loan to purchase a car, but the wage cuts occurred in the army also. So, now he can’t return money to the bank. He decided to accept our offer to get hard spanking on his bare ass for money. This the first time for this boy to get spanking atfer 18 yeas old, before 18 y.o. he got spanking only by his father, and it was also the belting. Now let’s give him a shot to remember the father’s corporal punishments. No way out punishment now for this boy.

No way out punishment spanking boy description

First, he undress and shows to our Master his sexy and muscular bare ass. The spanking begins and now there is really no way out punishment. He must suffer this belting like a real men. Sure, our Master is spanking this lad in full force. Take a look how this boy is suffering a really hard pain during this thrashing. Just imagine now his suffers. The hits are falling on the helpless boy’s ass more and more. It means, that is really no way out punishment for him, he must suffer this hardest spanking until the end. Really, it becomes an infinite crazy wave of the hardest spanking. But Master don’t want to stop. He continues the thrashing of boy’s muscular ass more and more to give a really hard spanking by the belt.

Finally, the punishment of his ass is done. How you can see on the pictures his ass is not just red color. His ass now is blue color, it’s like a one big bruise. He got this spanking as a real soldier, very stoic lad. Imagine how how this lad will sit down during next week after the spanking. There is no way out for him to take a seat without pain after this punishment.

In this video we offer you different views including a special picture in picture view. In this video you can watch in the same time his face and his ass getting the belting. That’s really amazing to watch it all in the same time. This sporty young men is suferring a really crazy pain. Take a look how he’s getting it. That’s fantastic, but he’s not screaming and moaning. Just his face is showing us his real emotions. But it’s really one of the hardest spanking videos by the belt in our studio. Really, we highly recommednd you to watch to increase your pulse rate. In conclusion, let us tell you again – watch it.

No way out punishment – Hard spanking videos

In this video you a really hardest spanking video, when Master is using the traditional Russian Army uniform large leather belt. It’s a very dangerous punishment device in Master’s hand. Finally, we hope that you want get more videos with belt spanking of Russian straight lads, so welcome to visit our Boys belt spanking category. In conclusion, if you are interested in getting more information about spanking and more corporal punishments you can get also visit our partner on this link. Sure if you prefer not to buy clips one by one, you can become our member. Take a look how it’s easy to do – just go to Members Area page and select your plan. Also don’t forget to check the additional benefits that we offer for our members. You can also get discounts and money vouchers.