Boy caning and belting Dimon 22


Length: 16 minutes


Boy caning and belting for Dimon 22 you can watch in this video. Dimon is a musclar and brave straight Russian boy. Now he’s in trouble and he must get the spanking on his bare ass by the belt and cane. Sure this is not first corporal punishment for him, but you know that all punishments are humiliating for straight guys. He’s stripping behind Master and he’s laying down on the spanking bench.  First part of strokes he gets by the heavy leather army belt in the layind down position. Large belt gives lot of pain for bad boy. After the belt, Master ordered stand in unconfortable position when the ass is raised up. In this difficult position he’s getting the cane punishment. The rhythm with which Master spanked Dimon’s ass is deliberate, steady, painful. Boy is getting really hard caning and belting.

This corporal punishment is one of the hardest. The belting and caning of boy’s buttocks is a popular punishment method in Russian traditions. Sure this spanking way makes scars on boy’s body. The scars on the buttocks will be visible for a period about 5-8 days. It depends of skin type. Boy caning and belting that you can see in this video delivered lot of pain for this bad straight boy.

Get some more information about caning on wiki.

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