No smoking 2 Roman 18 y.o. Belting


Length: 10 minutes


Roman is 18 y.o. russian boy from the north part of the country. While working as a waiter in the restaurant of our friends, he smoked cigarettes everytime during his working day and the guests of restaurants feel the smell of cigarettes from him. Lot of times manager told him not to smoke, but no results and he told him that he would fire him. Young waiter has no choice and asked manager to punish him by all ways that manager wants and manager asked our Master to help him. Young waiter Roman is getting painful spanking by heavy army belt and on his bare sexy ass are appearing the big and cruel traces. How the young straight boy can suffer long and cruel spanking of his ass by the heavy army belt? It’s a big challenge for him, but the key motivator is to save his job. He’s enduring the spanking of his little sexy ass like a real men, he’s young, so he remembers his dad’s belt. But the daddy’s spanking was about 30 strokes , but now he must suffer many times more strokes and this strokes are given by our cruel Master, who know how to make a boy to cry.