Boy slave spanking compiliation – Dumitru

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Length: 38,5 minutes


Boy slave spanking Dumitru 22 y.o. special offer. This big video includes 3 videos with Dumitru:

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Boy slave spanking by the hand

Young slave Dumitru 22 is from Moldova and he’s is a victim of our cruel Master. Dumitru was never been spanked before and never was a slave. Now he’s in the sauna with Master to make him pleasure, doing massage and other things that Master will relax. Just imagine that for young Moldovian guy Dumitru it’s first time to be a slave and he’s feeling lot of shame during this procedure. He understand the whishes of his Master and he’s afraid of punishment. Master is starting the boy slave spanking with a simple hand spanking. Sure Dumitru is laying in the OTK position. Master is slapping his ass throw the pants and after few minutes young is laying on Master’s knees absolutely bare. Secondly cruel Master is spanking boy’s ass in different positions, making young boy to feel a maximum of shame during the corporal punishment. But it was just a beginning but youn slave already understood who is the boss.

Boy slave spanking by the belt

First he’s stripping and obediently laying down on the wood bench. His ass was just spanked by the hand of Master and now it’s time to meet the large leather belt. Sure Master is doing all to make first slave’s belting very hard for young boy. The slave spanking is along and cruel procedure. During the spanking boy is trying to be calm, but sometimes he’s moaing when his is flaming after the belt hits. After that the spanking boy’s ass became a one big blue bruise.

Slave  back whipping

First Master ordered slave to be in the standing up position. This positin is more difficult to suffer the back whipping corporal punishment. Sadistic Master is getting his long whip for the slave. After first hits of the whipp the young slave’s back is already coverered by long red scars. Just imagine how it’s difficult for young slave to suffer this punishment. Sure Master wants to make slave to cry. It was first back whipping for the slave, but he will remember this punishment for long time.

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