Gay spanking and caning prisoner Tolyan 22


Length: 23 minutes


Gay spanking is getting prisoner Tolyan 22. He was setenced to 5 months in prison for a drurgs spreading. In the cell he’s living with another young crime. Now jailer decided to give him a hard thrashing by the belt and cane. First he ordered convicted to lay down and other boy must hold his feets. Tolyan is naked, his ass is now ready to try the hits of the large leather belt. First strokes makes him to moan. He wants to escape but the other guy is holding him. Sure he knows that he has no way to escape, because he’s prisoner and he must overcome this punishment. Master is spanking his ass harder harder and it becomes totally red color. Secondly jailer took the cane to give boy more pain. He’s caning the ass of young boy in full force and that’s really difficult to suffer this punishment.

This gay spanking video shows you a real pain and real suffers of young boy. Sure the cane is hitting his ass too hard. Eech stroke makes young guy to suffer and to cry. During the spanking young boy is thinking just about to stop this crazy hard punihsment. But it’s only jailer decide when the boy is punished well, it’s just he will will decided the time to stop the punihshment. During all the spanking the other guy must watch all the process. He understand that he soon he will be on the Tolyan’s place with flaming ass and he’s scared.

Gay spanking video in prison

Master admires the results of the punishment. The scared ass of young boy will remember this lesson for long time. Gay spanking is one the most humiliating punishment ways in prison. Boy is naked and he’s getting punishment like a young bad boy. To read more about corporal punishments in prisons you can visit Wiki.

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