Belt and strap spanking for skateboarder


Length: 25,5 minutes



Belt and strap spanking will get our skateboarder Alesha who is 24 years old. It will be his first time getting the really hard spanking on his bare ass. For this spanking session of this poor Russian lad we invited him in the sauna. And there in the traditional Russian sauna interior this boy will get the spanking on his bare ass by the belt and by the strap. Sure during this corporal punishment boy must suffer it like a man. So let’s see how he’s getting it. First part of the punishment lad is laying down on the bench. Sure his body is absolutely naked and his ass gets the spanking first by the heavy leather belt. How you can see boy is moaning and a little bit crying. That’s really difficult for this lad to suffer the belt spanking on his bare ass, but now it’s time to change the devie to the strap.

During the second part of the punishment Master ordered young boy to change the position. Also he’s using the pillows to a little bit move upper the boy’s ass. The strap is spanking the boy’s butt in full force. Sure it makes our lad to cry of the pain. Master is spanking him more and more. Sometimes Master stops to pour the boy’s ass by the salty water! Salty water makes lad to feel more pain after each hit of the razor strap. Finally, when the punishment is finished, you cant the tears on the lad’s face. And sure his ass is flaming of pain.

Belt and strap spanking for skateboarder boy and more

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