Boy caning video Dimych 21


Length: 25,5 minutes


Attention! This is one of the hardest boy caning video of our studio.

Before starting the punishment we talked with this young man about his father’s discipline methods. We learned that Dimych was spanked many times my his dad. Father used hand, belt and hairbrush for the spanking of his son. Now we offer Dimych to get a really hard caning on his ass. Master will the long canes. It will be very dangerous corporal punishment device. Sure this young boy will get a really hardest caning in this video. Dimych accepted our offer and it’s time now to start.

Before the caning boy is already bare and he’s laying down and waiting for the start of punishment. Master begins the caning in the classic laying down position. During all the punishment Master is using the only device – the cane. It means that the after each hit depens just of the force of Master. It’s pain of knife. Cane cuts the skin and make boy to suffer a really crazy pain after each hit. Sometimes Master is changing the boy’s position and make him to feel pain by the differet way. Finally, he’s holding young boy’s head in his legs and finish the punishment with the hardest strokes in final.

How you can see in this video, the poor boy is crying during the caning and after that. It was a really hard corporal punishment for the boy’s ass. But you see how he suffered it – like a real man. He got all this hardest caning until the end. Sure his ass now is covered by the deep scars.

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