Country Slave Punishment in the barn hayloft


Length: 17 minutes


Let’s meet with the home country slave Antoha 23 y.o. , who is living in the country house of one rich Russian businessman as a housework assistant. Boy is getting a good salary and he’s doing all the housework such as cooking, cleaning, countryside work. But also he had to suffer punishments, if his employer wants to see the suffers of the young boy. During all his work he’s working shirtless, barefoot and in linen trousers, as a fortress peasants two centuries ago. Now the employer wants to punish the boy by the severe hand spanking and belting in the barn, laying down on the haystacks. The guy is getting face slaps, humiliations. The Master is using our traditional extremely hard large and heavy belt – this the Russian analogue of razor strap or prison belt. After the spanking the ass became fully bruised.