Lad hard hand spanking Gera 22


Length: 12,0 minutes


Lad hard hand spanking video by Master for Russian boy Gera 22 we offer you to watch. Gera is a sexy slim but sporty Russian boy, who needs to get punishment. He’s in the dungeon with other captive boy. During this clip you will how poor Russian lad gets the really hard spaking by the hand on his bare ass. Sure don’t think that if it’s just a light hand spanking. We promise you that you will see a hard spanking by the hand in full force. As a good prove of it you will totally red-blue colored buttocks of the victim at the end of the video.

During of the punishment the other guy will watch being fixed to the wall. He understands that after Gera it will his turn to get the same. The corporal punishment and Gera is stripping and laying down on the Master’s knees. As you can see in the clip Master starts to spank poor Russian boy in full force. Lad gets the really hard hand spanking in different positions. When Master orders boy to stand in different pose he admires how the lad is suffering the spanking from the other pain angle. Finanlly when the punishment is finished you can see the boy’s ass and this is really flaming of pain.

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