Hand spanking Russian lad Nikifor 21


Length: 12,0 minutes



Hand spanking Russian lad Nikifor we welcome you to watch. First of all let us offer you our new boy. Young Russian lad Nikifor just turned 21 years old. He wants to earn money by getting the corporal punishment on his sexy ass. Sure our team offered him a good deal for suffering the spanking. The deal was getting the spanking on his bare ass being in different positions. So that’s time now to start the hand spanking of this sexy Russian lad.

First part of the spanking he’s getting in the laying down position. How can you see in the clip, our Master is spanking his ass in full force by the hand. Sure after first minutes of the punishment , the boy’s ass is turning red. But it’s not all and the hand spanking for this Russian lad continues in different positions. Just admire what kind of sexy views on Nikifor’s we offer you in this video. He’s getting the spanking as a real man. Finally, he’s ass is totally red and it’s flaming of pain.

Hand spanking Russian lad and more videos

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