Back whipping for Ildar 24 y.o. – Russian Home Punishments


Length: 18 minutes


Russian Home punishments is a new series of clips when we recreating the traditions of Russian home’s punishments based on stories of the guys.

Ildar 24 y.o. was born in Siberia and he was spanked many times by his dad till 14 y.o. The hardest punishment way was the back whipping. Dad whipped him in the stable barn laying down on the traditional spanking bench. We recreated the most painful whippping of Ildar – about 150 strokes of russian whip. The steady, sharp strokes of the whip have him breathing hard and trembling involuntarily. His srceams, and fiery red back underline his raw torment. That was a really hard whipping, making a guy to scream.

Includes first-person camera view