Boy spanked by hand Gera 22


Length: 12,5 minutes


Boy spanked by hand video you can watch now with our new lad – sporty Gera 22 years old. First of all , let us introduce you our new victim. Gera was born in the East of Russia and moved to Moscow after 21 years old. In Moscow now it’s the unemployment time and it’s not easy to find a job. For Gera it means that he’s in trouble and he’s trying to find some ways to earn money. We offered him to be our pain slave. It means that he must suffer the pain and we will torture his body by different methods and different devices. Don’t forget that our victim is not gay. He’s a straight guy. So , he will get not only the pain but also humiliation. We decided to begin the torture of young boy by the hand spanking.

First, Master ordered his victim to be barefoot and shirtless and to lay down on the bench. That’s not a classic wood bench that we used before. Now it’s a special spanking tool that is providing the best position for spanking. Sure this position allows Master to spank boy’s ass by the hand very hard. First slaps boy is getting through pants.  But Master preferes to punish the bare ass and he’s taking his pants off. How you can see during the punishment his ass is flaming. It’s totally red color.   Regardless to boy’s not short head hair, trust us that he’s a really a musculine sporty lad. He’s getting the spanking by the firm and heavy hand being calm. During the spanking Master orders young lad to change positions. The ass skin evertytime is tense because the spanking tool bench is specially made for this. It means that young men is getting more and more pain during this corporal punishment. Finally, the boy spanking by hand is finished – he’s ass is flaming and Master is satisfied by the results.

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