Boy spanking by hand Dimych 21


Length: 11 minutes


boy spanking video you can watch with our new Belarusian serf Dimych who is 21 years old. This young lad arrived from Minsk to a serf (slave) of one rich man. He wears traditional Belarusian clothes. When he’s working he wears just the embroidered shirt – this is a traditional men’s shirt and all his bottom part of body is naked. This rich man invited our Master in the sauna where young boy got a spanking by the hand. Young lad was a little bit scared of being punished from another bruta man. But it’s inevitably and he must get now the spanking on his bare ass.

First, Master holding his ear brought him into the punishment room. Boy’s ass was already naked and ready to get a good hand spanking. Master put young serf over his knees and he started the spanking of his sexy butt. During the spanking young boy is trying to be calm. He’s trying no to show to Master that he’s feeling pain and he’s not shouting during the punishment procedure. How you undestand, it’s not easy to hide emotions when the Master is slapping his ass in full force. During the spanking Master is changing the positions of young serf boy, opening us his sexy ass from different points of view. That was a really hard corporal punishment for young. Finally, after the spanking of boy’s ass, Master ordered him to stand on the knees, hand behind the head. How you see it’s a kind of additional humiliating punishment.

boy spanking

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