Thrashing by belt and cane for Dumitru 22 y.o.


Length: 28 minutes


Young slave Dumitru 22 y.o. from Moldova is getting now hard belt and cane thrashing. In Master’s hand the belt and cane become a dangerous devices, delivering pain and suffers for young lad. Dumitru is strying to be calm, trying to hide his pain, but he’s yelling and we see the sweat on his body and a little beat tears on his eyes. After the belt spanking cane is scaring his already very well spanked ass and making lad to suffer new waves of pain. The steady, sharp strokes of the cane have him breathing hard. Finally Master forced him to lay down in special position – extremly painful position beacause the ass skin is stretched as much as possible and cane strokes became a big wave of extreme pain. After punishment he’s kneeling on the peas.