Swain belt spanking in the barn Ahmat 19 y.o.


Length: 17 minutes


Swain Ahmat 19 y.o. is getting hard belt spanking in the barn in our village. He told us the we was punished many times by his father, by the hand , by the belt, by the whip. We recreate how we was spanked by his father, in the barn. He will endure now the belt spanking in the barn on haylofts by our Master. He worked bad in the barn and not gathered hay that he had to do during his workday and must get punishment for this. He’s laying down on the haylofts, absolutely bare, and suffer the heavy strokes of Russian Army belt, then he’s getting the spanking standing and leaning on the hayloft. He’s endurant boy and he’s not crying or shouting during the spanking, he’s getting it like a little man because he understand his fault and he’s getting the punishment for it. Good sexy ass of little boy is suffering under the heavy Russian Army belt and becoming red and blue color after the cruel punishment.