Straight boy spanking by hand Shurik 21


Length: 15 minutes


Straight boy spanking  by hand is gettinf our new boy Shurik 21.  Shurik is a young sporty guy from the Siberian part of Russia. In Siberia are living severe and brutal people and he’s one of them. He was spanked sometimes by his father when he was a young boy. And now he’s in our studio and he must get the corporal punishment by different methods by our Master. First we want to remind you that it’s humiliating for a straight boy to get spanking by the other male. It means that just a hand spanking makes him not just a pain, but also an abjection. Male to male spanking begins from the strip. First young straight boy Shurik had to take off his pants and to lay down other the Master’s knees. Spanking begins through panties but Master not lomg in coming to take off boy’s briefs.

Secondly, young straight boy is laying down absolutely bare and getting the OTK spanking. Master is spanking his ass and full force making boy to feel pain. Straight boy spanking funs our Master when young boy is trying to show everybody that he’s a brutal guy and he’s trying not to shout or moan during the spanking. Master is changing the positions during the spanking opening Shurik’s body and ass to you, our lovely spanking lovers.

Straight boys spanking in Siberia

Talking about the Siberian morals let us ensure you that in many Siberian families the corporal punishments for boys are still very popular. The punishment method depends on father’s choice. In many families fathers are using the hand spanking or belting. In villages the birching, caning and rice kneeling are popular punishments. So, Siberian boy are getting real corporal punishments.

To read more about corporal punishments in home you can visit this link.

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