Spanking straight boy in prison Mark 19


Length: 12 minutes


Spanking straight boy Mark 19 is getting in the prison. Mark was convicted to jail for hooliganism. After the court police delivered him in the local prison where he must serve time 2 months in jail. First day of his inprisonment he had to meet the turnkey of prison. Jailer decided to give a hand spanking for young boy Mark in first day. Mark is laying down over the knees of jailes. He’s feeling shame, being bare over the knees of the other men. But he has no way out – he must suffer all bullying of prison’s turnkey. First jailer is spanking his ass through Mark’s boxer briefs. Secondly, jailer take off his briefs opening hiss muscular and hairy butt. Spanking straight boy – means to make not just pain, but also the shame for a young criminal.

That’s so interesting to watch a boy getting the hand spanking by the other man. Mark is trying to be calm. He don’t want to show to jailer his pain. Sure his cellmate is watching this proccess.  But jailer has a really hard hand. It means that each hit of his hand falling on the boy’s ass makes suffers for young criminal boy. During the spanking jailer is changing positions of his victim and force him to lay down in unconfortable and shaming positions. This straight boy spanking video will allow you to feel yourself there in the prison in a place of one of our heroes.

Spanking straight boys

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