Russian Soldier needs money hand and belt spanking


Length: 19 minutes


Soldier or Russian Army Lesha 25 y.o. is getting the hand and belt spanking in the boiler room. We invited Lesha again to help him to earn money. Now he was needed money to buy a gift for his son’s birthday. Very interesting challenge for the adult brutal soldier – he wants to make a gift for his son, but he has no money to buy it. He overcomes himslef and he’s asking for our help. He’s suffering pain and humiliations to buy a gift for his . We pay him money for this and we admire his rejection – he’s getting hand spanking in different positions and the hard belting by heavy Russian Army belt. His ass became fully bruised after this spanking and we know that it will be difficult for him to sit down next 2-3 days, but he earned money.