Houseworker Sanek 25 y.o. – Hand spanking and humiliations


Length: 14 minutes


Sanek 25 y.o. is a young russian men, working in the appartment as a home slave. He’s doing all housework such as cleaning, cooking, washing and other things. He lives in the appartment with his Master and doing all things that he order him. In Russia it’s easy to have a home slave, no problem if the boy is heterosexual, just pay money and he will do all for you and your home. If the home slave is doing something wrong the Master may punish his as he wants. Sanek is getting the hand spanking and Master is forcing him to lick feets. The boy has no choice and he submits his employer. He’s getting a good hand spanking laying down other the knees of his Master and in during breaks of the spanking, he’s licking feets. After the spanking Master is satisfied by the punishment that he gave to his home slave and the boy tried a really hard hand of his Master, wich strongly spanked his ass.