Oldschool spanking and hot wax for Nikita 18 y.o.


Length: 25 minutes


Piano, candles, bench and whip. Oldschool punishment is getting our young boy Nikita 18 y.o. Master is starting the punishemnt by the hand spanking because he likes Nikita’s sexy ass and want not just to spank it by hand , but also to pinch, to paw it. Everybody undestand that hand spanking is just a game which gives sexy pleasure for Master because the real punishment is the ass whipping. Master is taking the long leather whip, making the swing and brings lot of pain to the sexy boy’s ass which feels the whiplash. The spanking is long, cruel. Master give some few pauses for the boy, but during the breaks he fills the body with hot candle wax. The ass is red, fully spanked, and on this beaten ass is pouring hot wax. First spanking, then hot wax, again spanking, once again hot wax, round spanking….