Man falaka video Vanya 28


Length: 10,5 minutes

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Man falaka video by the cane for Russian lad. Vanya 28 y.o. is a Russian worker and now he will get his first hand spanking by the other male. He’s sometimes lazy worker and not doing his job good. For this guy our Master prepared a corporal punishment session. Vanya was in the the worker uniform and Master orders him to prepare for the falaka on his bare feets.

Firstly he puts his uncovered feets on the seat and opens it to the discipline. Master is utilizing the cane for this russian man falaka. The discipline starts and first hits are falling on the exposed feets of our lad. How you see, man is trying to be calm and he’s not showing Master his pain. How you realize the falaka won’t leave profound scars on the skin of the feet, yet it’s extremely excruciating discipline strategy. After initial segment of bastinado, Master is holding man feets by the hand. So it’s extremely difficult to maintain a strategic distance from the hits of the stick. Sure that is unconfortable and position and he should endure the bastinado on his feets until Master will choose to stop.

Man falaka video and more

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