Male whipping back Vanya 28


Length: 14 minutes


Male whipping on the back whipping Vanya 28. He’s worker and sometimes he’s lazy and not doing good his job. In this case he must get a corporal punishment for this. Master decided to give him a hard back whipping on his bare back. Vanya is naked and he’s laying down on the long wood bench to get a good thrashing on his back.  Master is using the long whip to punish male’s body.  First strokes of the whip are falling on the helpless back of young guy. Each stroke makes lot of pain and lot of suffers for our guy. He’s a brutal Russian guy and he’s trying not to shout during the corporal punishment. The flogging is hard, but Vanya is just moaning during the punishment. Male whipping on the back is a traditional Russian punishment method and our guy is getting it like a real man.

The history of male whipping on the back in Russian begins in XIII century. During all the Russian history the back whipping was one of the hardest corporal punishment ways. In XVII-XIV century this punishment way was also popular in army and prisons.


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