Male back whipping for Dumitru 22 y.o.


Length: 16 minutes


In this video you can watch the hard male back whipping video for Dumitru 22 y.o. That’s not his first punishment, but it’s one on the hardest. First he’s laying down on the bench. He’s bare body will get now the back whipping. That’s not easy to stay calm during this corporal punishment, but Dumitru is trying not to cry. Sure Master is using his long whip the whipping yong boy’s back. Each stroke of a whip becomes a crazy waive of pain for young boy. After the punishment his back is covered by long scars. Scars of red and blue color. We think that Dumitru will need about one week to recover his body skin. But he overcomed this whipping. It was hard, it was really crazy hard whipping. But he taked it like a real man and it’s so interesting to watch it.

This boy whipping video includes first-person camera view!

Male Back whipping is one of the hardest corporal punishments for boys. It’s using in different arabian countries. Sure the history lists are full of back whipping stories. That was in prisons, in army, on boaths and more. You can read on Wiki about different whips. We prefered to use the long whip. Sure this whip is hard and it’s making all bad boys to learn their lessons. Please, don’t forget that the male back whipping is one of the most dangerous punishment ways. Because the whip, as a corporal punihsment device, might become a real weapon in non-professional hands.