Male spanking belt and cane Vanya 28


Length: 21,5 minutes


Male spanking belt cane for brutal guy Vanya 28 y.o. He’s worker and sometimes he’s lazy and not doing his job. He must get a good punishment for this. Vanya is naked and he’s laying down on the long wood bench to get a good thrashing on his ass. First Master is using the belt. That’s a large and heavy leather army belt  from the Russian Army uniform. That was the first part of punishment and his ass is flaming after it. Secondly Master is taking his cane to make a good lesson for young worker. Cane is stroking his ass making him to moan. He’s an adult guy and he can’t cry like a young boy. But the male spanking by belt and cane is a very hard corporal punishment way also for and adult. Young men is suffering ad trying to overcome this spanking, but it’s not easy. After the punishment his ass is covered by big bruises.

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