Hand spanking male Vanya 28 y.o.


Length: 15 minutes


Vanya 28 y.o. is a Russian worker and now he will get his first hand spanking by the other male. He’s sometimes lazy worker and not doing his job good. For this guy our Master prepared a corporal punishment session. Vanya was in the the worker uniform and Master orders him to lay down other his knees. Vanya is trying to be calm during the punishment and to show that he’s feeling pain. After first part of spanking, he takes off his uniform to be bare for this male hand spanking. He’s getting spanking in different humiliating positions. During all the punishment, Master is slapping him in full force, making young worker to feel more pain after each slap. That’s just a male hand spanking video, but trust us, that’ts no easy to suffer it. Our customers knows how our Master likes to spank – is using his hand and he’s doing all to make boy to feel more pain. That was first spanking for this boy and finally after it he standed on the knees, hand behind his hand.